Company BBQ was great. 3 legged race was RIDICULOUS. Friend fell over and I tried to drag us across the line, failed, face planted the floor and my jeans ended up half falling down. A beautiful moment. 

Now I’m going to curl up with my food coma and plan out my 5 day weekend awyeeeeah

The emails I’ve sent today to sweeten Customers have almost been masterpieces. Some even almost looked like I knew what I was on about…

Working from bed plans fooled by pesky software, dragging myself in. Well happy about it obviously.

I chose the wrong day to work from home

Everything has gone to shit with our new software so rather than my intended laze on bed with email open pretending to work I’ve been answering customers all day with SORRY SORRY SORRY LOVE US STILL PLEASE THANKYOU LOVE YA BYE basically.


Now I have to go in for a meeting anyway. Least I have a 5 day weekend..

Gym killed me. Never moving. MAN DOWN. Send sweets.

i have big plans to eat my feelings at lunch so please hurry up 12.30

me and my sister have never got on brilliantly but she almost pushed things beyond repair earlier by taking my Ben & Jerrys


not ok.

came far too close to crashing my car whilst double taking at the news on the radio this morning

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The weather is mugging me right off. Sun all around but pissing down and my coat is in the boot..

every Monday needs a little bit of this.

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friend just managed to yank my headphones out the laptop and I blasted out SLAM DUNK DA FUNK PUT IT UP to the office.

Got an odd look off my manager.

Tried to convince him with some great slam dunk dance moves…didn’t look convinced.


I do have a girlfriend! and let us not forget the bromance with Joel

sometimes I try to listen to sensible music at work but then somehow I end up desk bopping to forever the sickest kids

Anonymous asked:
when you getting married ooo

hahaha oh you comedian

when i find someone who has access to unlimited supplies of krispy kremes…