Just spent an hour losing my sanity over a user I created not being able to log in before they finally sent a screenshot of the error

They were trying to log in to the wrong site. AAAAAAAAGH.

work is just getting worse and worse recently. All of the stress and things breaking.

So I pronounce it is most certainly BURGER TIME

Tour of Britain through Hailsham ooh

12 hour working days on a friday are definitely not the one.

especially without overtime pay. i hate customers. i hate software.

happy friday sing song time

(Source: Spotify)

I still can’t believe last night. Foo Fighters at the Concorde 2 was MAGICAL.

Grohl is the man

There gooooes my heroooooo #foos #brighton #foofighters

Post foos sweaty mugs. Best gig eveeeeer.


today at work has been utter shite BUT FOOS LATER

Slowly dying whilst waiting for my food post gym. With hair trim that isn’t mega short for once!

trying to decide if getting sims 4 is the best or worst idea

i’ll get hooked for a week and then never play again

TBT to being ridiculously high in Chicago because I miss it too much right now

Dying after gym and I can hear my food alarm going off BUT I CANT MOVE YET. Torture.