This is how you win brownie points from meeee

TAKEAWAY NIGHT. And million pound drop..

i feel i’m going to be waving at this deadline as it cruises past me

screw the gym, i’m gonna buy smarties

Someone in my office is on my list.

They put an apple doughnut in the jam doughnut bag and I had the misfortune of picking it up and NOTHING IS OK.


I will find them.

that looks beyond saving, gutting.



NOO eastbourne pier is on fire

FUCK. What’s happening?


NOO eastbourne pier is on fire

Our American office get far fancier job titles than us

"vice president of analyst operations" compared to operations manager

I want a fancy title!

I’ve got back in to the routine of completely failing at sleep. I can’t remember the last time I got to sleep by 1am and this does not lead to a happy Chris at work.

I’ve been clock watching for lunch from 5 minutes in and it’s SO CLOSE I can taste the ice cream.

I’ve been slaving on my website all night (since the DNS sorted anyway) so now I’m trying to chill with Something Corporate on before I go crazy trying to implement ideas

need cookies

stumbled across slipknot on an exercise rock playlist and now i’m on a beautiful slippery slope back to being 15 with a fringe

i still think this was when i was at my best


It’s a good job nobody else is home because I thought somebody had nabbed my last chicken burger and I had a little breakdown

Found it though PANIC OVER

Got distracted by a peaceful sun trap on the sofa and I’m not moving until I need food. BLISS.