there’s always that perfect acoustic song on a Rise Against album

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The British Summer. 

BBQ MOUNTAIN. Don’t wanna waste space do you..

FINALLY returned home to the glorious smell of a BBQ coming from my back garden.


saturday was a good laugh at an 18th birthday ball with far too much drunken dancing

Best gym song of the day.

Just kick started the process of getting my racing license and then I’ll be saving allll of the pennies and going car racing next year

This is the plan/dream. 

i can’t tell if i loved or hated the how i met your mother ending.

I alwaaaaays wanted Ted to end up with ‘her’ but also I had become v attached and was not ready for the last few minutes at all. EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER.

Now i’ve got ronan keating in my head.

2 days ago i really did have my savings set aside for looking at buying somewhere in the not too distant future (ADULT TINGZ) but i am teetering on the edge of throwing them at something much more fun and 100% on my bucket list.

That’s definitely a better option, right?

Perfect evening for racing!

Just put my empty cup in the fridge instead of the dishwasher and got halfway back to my desk before realising.

I am ON it today.

the jaffas are ALL MINE finally

I’m sat waiting for everyone else to go to bed so i can go and attack the jaffa cakes i found in the cupboard earlier without judgement

because having less than half a pack is v.hard.

flashbacks to 2am drunken irish dancing to c’est la vie are the best flashbacks