"Hospital" by The Used

In the magic of Savlon we trust

I can’t get comfy because of what I did to my leg at football and then I get annoyed tossing and turning until I catch my leg on the duvet/wall and die inside.

This is not going to be a good seep!


Sad enough to say that alone I can barely light a match, but together we can burn this place down.

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I was just having SUCH a moment to this on shuffle and then my mum popped her head in to say goodnight but stopped dead before slowly shaking her head and walking away….

This weekend was SO good.

Getting to catch up with Rachel, James AND meet Yasmine for Brand New was goooooood. Definitely the best I’ve seen Brand New also.

Yesterday had a nice lay in and then went to the zoo (Drusillas) with Louise and we timed it right to see the Penguins get fed and I emotionally bonded with the one that just stayed at the front making a fuss until the fish got thrown in his mouth rather than swimming around for them….then we got doughnuts and watched Chelsea.

Even this morning at work was ok. Had a happy customer within the first half hour, a meeting and then suddenly it was lunch. Content.

Go away Monday UGH worst sleep

At one with the meerkats

Err what are you doing mister? “Just washing my teeth” he claims innocently…HM.

just serenading my manager with Shakira

Just read a chapter or two before bed I told myself at half 11 last night……..

Next thing it was half 1 and I had to stop at a really tense cliffhanger and couldn’t sleep so now I am zombified.

Might have to get a pub lunch to survive today..

It’s definitely getting to the time of year to reconnect with my Dad so I can go and hang out on his boat in the sun eating fish and chips.

Aaaah Scotty.

I’m not emotionally ready for the Suits finale tonight. They giveth and they takethaway SO SOON. 

I need more than a few weeks of THE MAN Harvey on my screen (and scotty, definitely scotty)

Have to get up early for work tomorrow and watch it in bed then spend the day sulking about the series ending…