such a cake coma

not moving again

Can’t believe this lil one is 9 today! Feel so ancient. Check him out all smartttt

I’ve had enough of today so i’m organising a go karting trip for my team


the phrase that justifies just about anything

why do i even get out of bed on mondays

Finding out first thing Monday morning that you have to work late a few evenings again is not the one

UGH. So clumsy after football.

In my lazy/dead state I reached for my phone and got it but then lost balance on the edge of my mattress and things have gone downhill.

Landed on the chair but then it spun a little and moved backwards so i’m in a semi stuck heap on the floor between my bed/chair and just have no desire to ever move.

This could be it.

This might be the end guys.

And so the hunt to find the lil man a present he can’t inflict too much pain with begins.

I refuse to accept he’s going to be 9. This is RIDICULOUS.

I feel so old.


I am dead.

Someone had changed the distance to miles instead of Kms and I didn’t notice because the speed was still in Kmph and was killing myself trying to reach my 5k target in 10 minutes on the bike and sweet lord EVERYTHING HURTS

i am done



i’m playing that really smart game where you refuse to look at your bank balance and pretend it’s still completely full

must. not. touch. savings.

i forgot how damn GREAT chocolate buttons are.

i mean i knew they were great but you know when you open the packet and then a few moments later there are no more….

Waiting for updates to download zzzz and can’t reach tv remote….lazy selfie.

Managed to avoid a meeting that is guaranteed to run through lunch by looking busy.

Minor victory number 1 of the day!

it is only a matter of time until i become a jaffa cake

death after gym + boredom of dead phone and now i realise how bad my laptops webcam has got.